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If you want to help protect our hospitals, our city, and your own health care please join doctors, nurses, dentists and other health care providers in defeating Measure F.

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Coalition Members


American Association of University Women Palo Alto

Cambridge Optometry

Christian K. Lee, DDS, MS Pediatric Dentist

Collins and Mingrone DDS

Denise Henderson DDS

Frank L. Altick, DDS

Hospital Council of Northern and Central California

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan

Lee and Woo Orthodontics

McKenna Family Dentistry

Mid-Peninsula Dental Society

Mid Peninsula Orthodontics

Mulcahy Family Dentistry

Palo Alto City Council

Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce

Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Palo Alto Orthodontics

Peninsula Pediatric Dentistry

Santa Clara County Medical Association

Santa Clara County Optometric Society

Silicon Valley Leadership Group 

Stanford Children’s Health

Stanford Health Care

Stanford University

Uber Eyes Optometry

Wu Orthodontics

1185 Design



Mayor Liz Kniss City of Palo Alto

Vice Mayor Eric Filseth City of Palo Alto

Council Member Tom DuBois City of Palo Alto

Council Member Adrian Fine City of Palo Alto

Council Member Karen Holman City of Palo Alto

Council Member Greg Scharff City of Palo Alto

Council Member Greg Tanaka City of Palo Alto

Council Member Cory Wolbach City of Palo Alto

John Barton Former Council Member, City of Palo Alto

Betsy Bechtel Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto

Pat Burt Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto

Mike Cobb Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto

Peter Drekmeier Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto

Sid Espinosa Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto

Larry Klein Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto

Judy Kleinberg Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto

Le Levy Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto

Jean McCown Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto

Victor Ojakian Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto

Greg Schmid Former Vice Mayor, City of Palo Alto

Nancy M. Shepherd Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto

Lanie Wheeler Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto

Gail Woolley Former Mayor, City of Palo Alto


Palo Alto Daily Post

Palo Alto Weekly

The Mercury News


David Entwistle President and CEO, Stanford Health Care

Dennis P. Lund Interim CEO, Stanford Children’s Health/Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

Robert Nordgren CEO, Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group

Elizabeth Vilardo CEO, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Amy E. Adams Physician, Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group

Sara Aziz Physician, Stanford Children’s Health

Kelsey Banes Psychologist, VA Palo Alto

Romel Bebeleh MRI Technologist, Stanford Health Care

Teresa Bell-Stephens RN, Stanford Health Care

Helen Benedetti RN, BSN, CN IV, Stanford Health Care

Rajiv Bhatnagar Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Stan Bjelajac Dentist, Mid-Peninsula Dental Society

Andra Blomkalns Emergency Medicine, Stanford Health Care

Bryan Bohman Chief Medical Officer, University HealthCare Alliance

Deborah Bone RN, Stanford Health Care

Morris Budak Dentist, Morris A. Budak DDS Inc.

Walter Cannon Retired Thoracic Surgeon, Stanford Health Care

Steven Carlson Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Anne Chang Physician, Stanford Health Care

Christie Coleman Gynecologist, Stanford Children’s Health

Natalia Colocci Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Nick Costouros Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Gina Craig RN, Stanford Health Care

Lawrence Crane Physician, Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group

Jamison Cripps RN, Stanford Health Care

Edward Damrose Physician, Stanford Health Care

Fasika Damtew RN, Stanford Health Care

Jimmy Dang RN, Stanford Health Care

Bobbie Davis RN, Stanford Health Care

Cathriona Dempsey RN, Stanford Health Care

Janet Dijulio Retired Nurse

Diana Do Physician, Stanford Health Care

Garrett Donohue RN, Stanford Health Care

Rhiana Doyle RN, Stanford Health Care

Kurt Finley Dentist, Palo Alto Endodontic Group

Terry Fiori Periodontist, Cheng and Roitman Periodontal LLC

David Fischer Physician, Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group

Riley Geoffrey Physician, Stanford Health Care

Aparna Goel Physician, Stanford Health Care

Yunzi Gu Clinical Nurse Specialist, Stanford Health Care

Anita Gupta Physician, Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group

Michelle Haghpanah Dentist/President, Little Bytes Pediatric Dentistry

Stephanie Harman Physician, Stanford University

Syed Hashmi Physician, Stanford Health Care

Mary Hawn Surgeon, Stanford Health Care

Paul Heidenreich Physician, Stanford Health Care

Brad A. Hinrichs Physician, Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group

Ken Horowitz Vice Chair, Santa Clara County Health Advisory Commission, Retired Dentist

Judy Huang Physician, Stanford Health Care

Rajashri Shuba Iyengar Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Christopher Joy Dentist, Christopher H. Joy, DMD

Kathryn Jurosky Dentist, Kurt Finley, DDS

Ming-Chih Kao Physician, Stanford Health Care

Larry Katznelson Physician, Stanford Health Care

Todd Kaye Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Jennifer Keavney RN, Stanford Health Care

Heidi Marie Keesis Physician Assistant, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Victoria Kelly Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Ceci Kettendorf RN, Stanford Health Care

Julie Kim Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Purnima Krishna RN, Stanford Health Care

Vallabha Kshirsagar Physical Therapist, Stanford Health Care

Paula Kushlan Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Stephanie Lai Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Azeem Lakha Oral Surgeon, Peninsula Institute for Advanced Dental Studies

Erin Lally Ophthalmologist, Eye Consultants of Silicon Valley

Quynh Thu Le Physician, Stanford Health Care

Jennifer Lofft RN, Stanford Health Care

Kelly Look Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Robert Lowen Physician, Robert M Lowen MD, Inc

Haley Manella Physician, Stanford Health Care

Marina Martin Geriatrician, Stanford Health Care

Julia Marx Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Kari McCallie Neonatologist, Stanford Children’s Health

Suzanne McDonald RN, Stanford Health Care

Kara Meister Physician, Stanford Health Care

Susan Metcalfe Respiratory Therapist and Neuromuscular RT Coordinator, Stanford Health Care

Anne Christine Miller Physician, Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group

Samuel Morse RN, Stanford Health Care

Allen Namath Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Joel Neal Medical Oncologist, Stanford Health Care

Darren Nichols Radiologist, Stanford Health Care

Lisa Orloff Physician, Stanford Health Care

Justine Jayson Papa Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Stanford Health Care

Susan L. Park Dentist, Susan L. Park, DDS

Judy Passaglia RN, Stanford Health Care

Rishi Raj Physician, Stanford Health Care

Chito Pascual RN, Stanford Health Care

Mollie Prado RN, Stanford Health Care

Mahendra Ranchod Pathologist, Stanford Health Care

Norman Rizk Chief Medical Officer, Stanford Health Care

Angela Rogers Physician, Stanford Health Care

Mark Roesner RN, Stanford Health Care

Antoinette Rose Physician, Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group

Scott Rudy Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Mark Saleh Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Steven Shafer Physician, Stanford Health Care

Deepa Shah Physician Assistant, Stanford Health Care

Hua Shan Physician, Stanford Health Care

Lisa Shieh Physician, Stanford Health Care

Douglas R. Sidell Physician, Stanford Health Care

Susan Smith Respiratory Care Practitioner, Stanford Health Care

Martina Speight Nurse Practitioner, Stanford Health Care

James D. Stephens Dentist, James Stephens DDS

Kathryn Stevens Radiologist, Stanford Health Care

Linda Strain Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Thomas Sun Physician, Stanford Health Care

Sarah Tabb RN, Stanford Health Care

Winifred Teuteberg Physician, Stanford Health Care

Colleen Theologis Clinical Nurse, Stanford Health Care

Christine Thorburn Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Benjamin Threlkeld Optometrist, Cambridge Optometry

Helen Trinh Dentist, KARE dental

David van der Wilt Dentist, Mid-Peninsula Dental Society

Andrew J. Veitch RN, Stanford Health Care

Ann Weinacker Physician, Stanford Health Care

Marie Wolbach Medical Sociologist

Angela Wong Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation


Freida Acu

Ryan Adesnik

David Aguilar

Dharam Ajmera

Anthony J. Alabastro

Amy Alcantara

Tal Alfasi

Esther Ammon

Carol Anderson

Julie Anderson

Michael Anderson

Dolores Anaya

Robert Andersen

Travis Andres

Anita Angelotti

Teri Ard

Nikki Arends

Rima Ballesteros

Maria Diana Bang

Sharon Banuelos

Craig Barney

Merrie Alyce Bass

Dale E. Beatty

George Bechtel

Margarita Bekker

Patricia Bennett

Torey Benoit

Debbie Bergman

Martha Berrier

LaToya Beverly

Sarah Bjorkman

Megan Bliss

Dita Bou Sleiman

Mary Louisa Boyd

Dennis Boyle

Mihaela Bozdog

Kathryn Breudecheck

Nicole Britain

Patricia Britt

Ralph Britton

Stephanie Bruzzese

Neilson Buchanan

Peggy Burke

Amanda Butler

Barbra Calma

Brett Carpenter

Tony Carrasco

Cynthia Carroll  

Iris Chan

Amanda Chawla

Jennifer Chen

Nathalie Cheng

Elizabeth Choi

Pankaj Chordia

Chung-Ih John Chou

John Christopher

Isabella Chu

Li Chunfeng

Lourie Coallier

Steven Coallier

Andy Coe

Alison Cormack

Maria Cortes

Christina Cortez

Laura Cory  

Jonathan Cowan

Leah Cowan

Jim Cowie

Michael Cromer

Ann Cullen

Kevin Curran

Kevin Cyr  

Marthe Dalton

Lauren Daniluk

Shirley Davis

Mary Devega

Sue Dinwiddie

Andy Doty

Beth Duff-Brown

Jeff Edgar

Benjamin Ryan Elkins

Daniel Ennis

Claude Ezran

Luz Farias

Suzanne Ferry

Kathy Fisher

Patty Fisher

Megan Swezey Fogarty

Elizabeth Freeman  

Amelia French

Angela Fulson

Mircea Gafencu

Corando Randy Galvez

Barbra Gandarela

Moises Garcia

Emmy Garland

Keerti Gaur

Bruce Gee

Jane Gee

James Geiger

Alexandria George

Mandy Gibson

Sheila Gill

Annette Glanckopf

Dinah Gomez

Cynthia Gordon

Trina Graves-Klatt

Rahul Guli

Olgica Grujic

Elizabeth Gutierrez

Eric Hadhazy

Greg Hatten  

Clint Hayes

John Hebert

Sabrina M. Hedgecock

Cheryl Hensley

Dena Hill

Linda Hoff

Robert Hollenback

Joseph Hopkins

Sondra Hornsey  

Shin Huang

Leannah Hunt

Bert Hurlbut

Day Hsu

Patty Irish

Nadia Isidoro-Reyes

Melissa Jasso

Omar Javaid

Julie Jerome

Kritika Jhalani

Colleen Johnson

Jeanene Johnson

David Jones

Sophia Kajani

Jimmy Kang

Abhinav Kaushik

Heather Kenna

Alison Kerr

John W. King

Josh Knowles

Marion Kofman

Marla E. Kozina

Marcy Hope Kulakow

Devendra Kumar

Arun Kumar

Mengjen Lai

Kareen Lambert

Sam Larsen

Clement Lau

Kendra Lechtenberg

James Lee

Michele Lew

Jeannie Llewellyn

Lisa Levin

Christopher Leydig

Inga Lind

Kristina Macias

David MacKenzie

Helen MacKenzie

Sasha Madison

Thomas E. Malm

Nancy Manalo-Smith

OBryan Manglicmot

Cynthia Manglona

James Martin

Pedro J. Martin

Ericka Martinez

Alison Martinez

Erin Matlock-Henry

Millie McKean

Anel Mejia

Nilushka Melnick

Kristen Merriman

Yifei Miao

Hal Mickelson

Tiffany Miller

Carin Milligan

Michael Minn

Pooja Mishra

Chris Mitchell

Jacqueline Monacivas

Manuel Morales

Laney Morris

Cliff Moser

Christopher Mow  

Alexis Moyer

Neil Muldoon

Sharon Muldoon

Roslyn Louise Muldrew

Anna Marie Murray

Leslie Murphy-Chutorian

Evelyn Narito

Nahrian Nazlou

Cynthia Neri-Walsh

William T. Newsome

Mark Nicholls

Manjot Nijjar

Caroline Norwood

Irene Nugent

Mary Pat O’Connell

Bill T. Ogura  

Resty Padojino

Tatiana Pannetta

Joy Park

Virginia Pasaoa

Smita Patel

Linda Patch

Ronald Pearl

Howie Pearson

Virginia E. Pease

Trina Perez

Nancy M. Peterson

Nancy Player

Steve Player

Tuvale Polu

Tony Kai H. Poon

Mary Ann Poulos  

Ekaterina Radeva

Margaret Raffin

William Reller

Todd A. Ritchie

Katherine Robertson

James Robertson

Jesus Rocha

Brian Rogers

Elizabeth Ronn

Karl Ronn

C. Dawn Rorig

Fernanda Rossi

Lynne Russell

Robert Rutkowski

Bob Ryan

Saritun Sadiq

Sherri Sager

Joseph Sales

Mino Sastry

Daryl Savage

Sam Savage

Elise A. Scoggins

Sridhar Seshadri

Jeri DeCarlo Sessler

Nigam Shah

Jane E. Shannahan

Jeff Sheolman

Martha Shirk

Dorothy Shrager

Michael Shu  

Sudhir Sinha

Tim Skoufis

Hurley Smith

Margaret Smith

Mystique Smith-Bentley

Geoff Sonn  

Ashley Sosnoski

Barbara Spreng

Douglas Spreng

Gail St. John

Richard Stern

Jonathan Straub

Mary Stutts

Yuju Su

Leslee L. Subak

Morgan Sue

Yang Sun

Philip Sunshine

Kevin Takazawa

Wena Talingdan

Masato Tanabe

Michiko Tanabe

Miyeko Tanabe

Branden Tarlow

Paul Taylor

Leslee S. Thayn

Sara Thomas

David Thornton

Kevin Huyphuc Tran

Brian Trinh

Ayin Vala

Debbie Valdez Barragan

Octavio Villa

Marta Vitale

Gary Walker

Stephen Walker

Noelle Wang

Nicholas Wanless

Dominique Watt

Shirley Weber

Pamela Weiss

Hannah Wetmore

Scott Williams  

Laura Williamson

Helen M. Wilmot

Fengai Wu

Yan Xu

Brett Yoshimoto

Greg Zaharchuk

Vi Zehr

Danyang Zhang

Ludwik Zyca