What Others Are Saying

“Measure F does not serve the citizens of Palo Alto well and it certainly doesn’t increase the quality of health care. Measure F will turn our city into a regulatory agency, costing every one of us more money to obtain health care. That's the last thing we need.

Palo Alto Mayor Liz Kniss

“The City of Palo Alto faces long-term fiscal tightening, and sacrifices will need to be made in order to close our budgets gaps.  Measure F would make our deficits worse this year and in future years.  It will threaten existing City services.

Palo Alto Vice Mayor Eric Filseth

“Measure F says it will reduce cost, but it will actually reduce quality. Stanford Health Care strives to deliver excellence in care. If Measure F passes, we may have to decrease the services we offer or reduce our workforce, both of which could negatively impact the quality of care we provide.”

Dr. Ann Weinacker, Associate Chief Medical Officer, Stanford Health Care

“Simply put, Measure F is a terrible idea.  It will restrict access to care, do nothing to lower health care costs for patients, and put even more money in the pockets of for-profit, out-of-state insurance companies.  It will add an expensive, taxpayer-funded layer of bureaucracy to Palo Alto city government.  And to be clear, Measure F has absolutely nothing to do with improving the quality of care, anywhere.  There's not one word in Measure F that makes any sense at all.”

Dr. Jane Varner, Palo Alto Family Doctor

“Measure F will force the City of Palo Alto to become a health care bureaucracy, adding millions in costs to taxpayers, with zero benefit.”

Karen Frush, Chief Quality Officer, Stanford Health Care

“Measure F will make dental care in Palo Alto less accessible because it will impose a bureaucratic burden on dentists, and it will make it much more expensive for us to deliver the quality care that you're used to receiving.”

Jim Stephens, Dentist, Palo Alto

“Measure F will increase health care costs while decreasing the quality of care. It will impact Palo Alto Medical Foundation’s ability to provide the level of care Palo Alto has come to expect. It will also drive dentists, family care physicians, and other health care providers out of Palo Alto.”

Dr. Robert Nordgren, CEO, Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group

“Medicine and Dentistry are not commodities. They combine both art and science. How could the City of Palo Alto set prices without delving into the details of each individual practice? It would be a bureaucratic nightmare.  Even if it could be done, it would cost a fortune.”

Christopher Joy, DMD