Editorial: No on Measure F, a disastrous idea

Palo Alto Daily Post

October 10, 2018

Measure F on the Palo Alto ballot is a reckless attempt by a labor union, SEIU-UHW, to gain more bargaining power by reducing medical services available to residents.

The measure would limit the amount health care providers could charge to 115% of what the union believes those services should cost. Of course the union defines “costs” differently than major health care providers, such as Stanford Hospital.

Stanford believes Measure F will cut its operating revenues by 25% or $1 billion a year. That would force Stanford to lay off workers, eliminate departments and reduce the amount of care it provides to the poor.

Emergency care

It’s important to understand that higher charges in some areas of the hospital go to fund departments that lose money, like the emergency room. By law, emergency rooms have to treat anyone who walks in the door, whether they can pay or not. A lot of emergency room bills are written off.

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