No on Palo Alto Measure F, and leave our clocks alone!

By Diana Diamond

Palo Alto Weekly

October 11, 2018

If you haven’t seen enough “No on F” signs in town, or read all the editorials against Measure F (e.g., The Palo Alto Weekly’s “No, no, no on Measure F,”) let my voice join the chorus on this local Nov. 6 ballot measure

This was sponsored and funded by the SEIU (Service Employees International Union – e.g., city and government workers) and the United Healthcare Workers West), this dastardly measure would require Palo Alto city officials to permanently monitor and supervise all hospital and medical clinics and individual patients bills. The measure implies patients will pay less for medical services and if they pay too much they will get money back.

That’s a lie. If a patient has any insurance at all, any so-called rebate will go directly to their insurance company, and there is no mandate that the insurer would refund any money to the patient.

Measure F would cost the city millions to monitor health care. Specifically (and please read the following carefully), Measure F “would require cities to appropriate sufficient funds to implement, administer and enforce this regulator program.