Measure F: A Threat to Palo Alto and Your Health Care

“Palo Alto Medical Foundation has nearly 1,500 physicians who provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages in nearly all medical specialties. We oppose Measure F because it does not make care more accessible or improve our ability to increase quality or patient safety.”

- Dr. Robert Nordgren, CEO, Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group

Palo Alto is home to several of the world’s finest medical organizations.

Stanford Health Care, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Kaiser Permanente affiliates La Selva and Webster House and many other local providers deliver world-class care to the people of Palo Alto.

Measure F threatens your access to care.

Proponents claim it will cut health care prices, but doctors, nurses and other experts believe that it will only reduce quality.

This measure harms local dentists, optometrists and other small specialty practices.

The financial impacts are likely to force many to reduce services, close or relocate away from Palo Alto.

The City of Palo Alto would be forced to administer this new and complex health care scheme, costing taxpayers’ money and potentially putting other public services at risk.

Measure F adds an unnecessary expensive layer of bureaucracy. Hospitals are already regulated by the federal government and State of California.

Click here to download the Measure F fact sheet.